Lose Weight with Dr. Lolachi’s Fully Customized Weight Loss Program.

Lose Weight with Dr. Lolachi’s Fully Customized Weight Loss Program.

Medical weight loss: scientifically proven — radically simple

phentermine weight loss, how it works

26 years as a Board Certified Doctor… 

And I’ve Boiled Down All My Medical Experience, From Working With Thousands Of Patients Into This New Program.

Dr. Lolachi specializes in helping people who have a high BMI reduce weight rapidly and safely, so they can feel better and look better. 

Because getting healthy is the best feeling in the world.

Multi-approach is used for efficacy and sustainability. Feel the difference.



Appetite suppressants, fat burn regulators, natural herbs

Examples: Phentermine (Adipex), Fat Burner, Colon Cleanser, etc.


Meal Replacement (low calorie but filling and long-lasting)

Example: Optifast

Commercial meal plans are complicated, gimmicky, and impossibly hard to stick to. You might change your whole routine, inconvenience people cooking for you and burn out with exercise yet still not make any progress. It’s not sustainable to work that hard without assistance for an uncertain outcome.

With medical weight loss plans we can predict your weight loss, step by step. Dr. Lolachi will expertly advise on the most effective plan for you, to help you achieve fast results, safely. Together you will set manageable goals and track progress closely to ensure you reach your target and learn a maintenance plan.

And guess what?

From Optifast, to Lipotropics to Phentermine, you don’t need to change anything about your routine. These are the treatments that work with who you are and this is the weight loss plan that’s going to stick.

All-Natural Plans

Lolachi Institute is excited to offer our new all-natural weight loss plans for those who prefer to use herbal and natural supplements to achieve weight loss.  Whichever method you prefer, Dr. Lolachi will work with you to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Explore the Benefits

One-on-One Coaching with Doctor

Dr. Lolachi will teach you effective weight loss methods. She will provide accountability with each step.

Safe and Effective

Dr. Lolachi has over 22 years of weight loss experience. She has helped hundreds of patients reach their weight loss goal safely.


We create a unique weight loss plan that is customized to your body and lifestyle. You will receive a metabolic and biometric assessment as part of your personalized weight loss plan.

Realistic and Healthy

Our program does not require you to make major lifestyle changes. It involves realistic eating habits and clinically proven methods.

Specialized for Patients with High-Risk

Dr. Lolachi specializes in weight loss for patients with high-risk conditions. She has helped patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure drop weight while keeping them in optimal health.

Easy and Convenient

Your weight loss plan is easy to follow and fits in with your busy schedule. Follow the plan and you’re on your way to losing weight!

Real Results of Lolachi Institute Medical Weight Loss Clients

Female Client
Lost 68 pounds after completing Optifast (Phase 1) of Lolachi Institute Medical Weight Loss Program *

Male Client
Lost 30 pounds after 12 Weeks on Lolachi Institute Medical Weight Loss Program *

Female Client, 24 Years Old
Lost 40 pounds after 18 Weeks on Lolachi Institute Medical Weight Loss Program *

“This program was so easy to follow. All the meals are ready to go. It was great to have a doctor there to monitor my progress and answer all my questions. The results were amazing.”
– J.W.*

“My experience with Optifast and Dr. Lolachi were great. I have more energy and confidence. I’ve lost 50 pounds and I am never going back to my old self!”
– Susan A.*

“It’s been a month and I’ve lost 15 pounds and one and a half size. Everyone at Lolachi Institute has been so supportive and I really enjoy my visits. Going to the pool is a lot more fun these days!”
– Lisa S.*

* The results described are based on active and strict participation in our program. Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Medically Supervised by

Dr. Anoosheh Lolachi

Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Over 20 year experience

You will be personally seen by Dr. Lolachi, not handed off to an assistant.

Medically Supervised by

Dr. Anoosheh Lolachi

Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Over 30-year experience

You will be personally seen by Dr. Lolachi, not handed off to an assistant.

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Conventional weight loss plans statistically do not result in sustainable weight loss. They are more
likely to include unapproved untested over the counter supplements, or fad diets. Almost all people who
lose weight with conventional weight loss plans, regain the weight plus additional weight beyond their
starting point.

Medical weight consists of losing weight under the guidance of a Physician.


The doctor helps each individual plan a program based on their medical history, their medications, and their lifestyles and eating habits. Each person is counselled to create a realistic plan that meets their unique circumstances.

Doctors can also help you to stay motivated to lose weight and to succeed in long-term maintenance.

  1. Have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. BMI is a measure of body fat based on weight and height. BMI screens for weight categories that may lead to health problems.
  2. Have a BMI greater than 27, and have a serious medical problem linked to this, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  3. Have tried to lose weight on your own but without long-term success.
  4. Have lost weight, but stuck at a certain weight without further weight loss
  5. Are ready to make permanent lifestyle changes and to maintain their new healthier weight.
  1. Prescription weight-loss drugs work by making you feel less hungry or fuller.
  2. Semaglutide (also known as GLP-1) which is used to help control type 2 diabetes, recently got FDA approval for weight loss. It is taken as a weekly shot to manage obesity.
  3. Fat burner and metabolism booster.
  4. Gastric Lap Banding, which is a minimally invasive laparoscopic technique. It works by limiting food intake, reducing appetite, and slowing digestion. This is one of the safest, least invasive surgical weight loss options.
  5. Bariatric surgery, which involves sealing off most of the stomach to reduce the quantity of food you can consume can be an effective means for morbidly obese people to lose weight and maintain that weight loss

Medical weight loss plans are unique in that they are designed and monitored by a licensed physician.

Doctors typically have at least 11 years of education and are far more knowledgeable about weight loss than any fitness or wellness coach. Medical weight loss plans are created with the whole person in mind and address both physical and emotional health of the individual.

Therefore, they produce long-term and long-lasting changes.

It all depends on your health, how many years you have been at an unhealthy weight, your weight, your eating habits, and how dedicated you are to making changes under the guidance of the doctor.

Typically, you’ll start to feel some differences after 1-2 month.

First and the most important thing when going on medical weight loss is to seek a certified physician who is qualified. Beware of getting on prescribed weight loss drugs without a proper medical assessment and ongoing monitoring by a certified weight loss physician.

The second thing is to follow the prescription and instructions by the doctor, do not self-adjust dosing or starve yourself for quick results.

An experienced weight loss doctor does not just focus on your weight loss but also takes care of your overall well-being and ensures the weight loss is sustainable.