Gain control over your weight and get the body you always dreamed of – choose a medical plan that fits the life you lead


What is it?

The Optifast VLCD program is a total weight loss program that includes a very low calorie diet. It consists of a meal plan (which consists of Medically fortified shakes, bars and soups), lifestyle modification education and counselling, all delivered by our expert medical doctor – Dr Lolachi.

How does it succeed?

By narrowing your meal choices, you can better control the amount and type of food that you eat. With education and the support of Dr Lolachi, you will lose weight *rapidly and safely. You’ll learn how to integrate the schedule into your daily life to increase your chances of keeping the weight off. Dr Lolachi will provide ongoing personalized support during the maintenance phase after your successful weight loss.

Our programs:

Full program of 12 to 24 weeks: Intensive routine to help you achieve rapid weight loss, safely under expert medical supervision

Modified partial program from 10 to 12 weeks: For steadier weight loss that integrates with your daily routine, allowing one normal meal per day

Maintenance program: For anyone who has previously completed a full optifast program and would like to continue using Optifast as a supplement to a healthy diet, to maintain their new weight.

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What is it?

A lipotropic treatment involves injecting of a concentration of targeted natural substances into the body to increase metabolism and help you to burn fat more efficiently.

How does it succeed?

Lipotropic shots are great for burning fat holistically so that you can achieve dramatic and even weight loss. They also target fat in the liver and provide protection for the kidneys to help your body process toxins more effectively. They’re a non-invasive treatment, particularly effective for helping those with a demanding lifestyle to start losing weight immediately – no excuses.

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What is it?

Phentermine is a prescription medication perfect for kick-starting your body into losing weight. The medication is taken daily and during your chosen Phentermine Plan with Dr Lolachi you will receive one-on-one nutritional counselling to help you integrate the treatment into a holistic health plan.

How does it succeed?

Phentermine increases energy levels to help suppress your appetite and decrease certain food and carbohydrate cravings. You’ll notice that you won’t feel hungry, feel fuller longer after meals, and think about food less often when taking the medication. This helps you to develop a healthier ongoing relationship with food, to use it less for comfort and more for fuel.

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